MOAACC Awards Program

The Awards Nominating Committee has meetings as needed to discuss possible nominees for the various awards. These nominees' names are then presented to the Board for their consideration and possible approval. Once approved, the Committee then interviews the nominees and people he/she knows to ascertain exact particulars of their eligibility for an award. An award citation and certificate are created by leadership and a time for the presentation to the honoree is arranged.


Distinguished Service Award: This is the most prestigious award given out by MOAACC. It is given out only once a year at the Installation Banquet. The member selected is one who has been active in the Chapter for at least five years, shown great responsibility and leadership and made major contributions to the goals of MOAACC.

MOAACC Award: This award is given out to two members yearly for outstanding service over several years with the person serving in at least one key elected or appointed position demonstrating the high standards expected of MOAACC leaders.

Company Grade Officer of the Year Award: This active duty officer is selected by the 45th Space Wing as the CGOY for PAFB. That officer is in turn honored by MOAACC with an Award at a regularly scheduled luncheon.

Outstanding Citizen Award: This is awarded based on exemplary service outside the MOAACC area on an ongoing basis or a recent one time significant event.

Additional information on this committee and the awards can be found in the MOAACC Handbook, Chapter 8, see below.

MOAA awards information and nominations at MOAA Awards Information and Nomination.