Our Chapter's Legislative Affairs contacts:

  • For National Affairs - BG John McMahon, USA (RET)
  • For State & Local Affairs - MAJ Tim Pishdad, USA (RET)

MOAA is the nation's largest and most influential association of military officers. We are a powerful force speaking for a strong national defense and representing the interests of military officers and their families at every stage of their careers.  MOAA National, the various State Councils and their affiliate chapters, including the Military Officers Association of America, Cape Canaveral (MOAACC), are all nonpartisan organizations.

The Legislative Affairs Committee of MOAACC monitors local, state and national legislative actions that affect national defense or military personnel (active duty, retirees and veterans) and keeps Chapter members informed.  The committee maintains liaison with local veteran and military retiree organizations, the Legislative Affairs Committees of the Florida Council of Chapters and MOAA\'s Government Relations Office to combine support for common legislative objectives.  The committee also establishes and maintains effective relationships and communications channels with local, state and national legislators. The committee makes use of available tools for reaching the membership and promoting individual actions to achieve MOAA's legislative objectives.

To go directly to MOAA's Advocacy In Action (AiA) page, click here: MOAA.  You will have access to Current Legislation, National Legislators and how to contact them, items that need action right now and countless other material pertaining to current events in Government.

For local, state and national elected official contact information, representing Brevard County, click on the Brevard County tab above.

Legislative page of the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs at https://www.floridavets.org/news/veteran-legislation/

Click here to view MOAA National's current Top Issues.  Your support, via contacts with your elected officials, is crucial to keeping pressure on our elected officials to serve the needs of our membership.

Summarized below are the activities undertaken this year and planned for the upcoming year by the Chapter to further advance the legislative program initiatives of MOAA National.  

These activities all reflect the focus areas of our Chapter's Leadership:  an informed, energized and enabled Chapter membership on issues of paramount interest to the overall military community -- active, retired, separated, families and survivors.

1 - Here's a link to a list of veteran friendly bills in the coming FL legislative session.  All members are requested to scan this list and provide constituent input on these issues as you deem appropriate to your situation.

2 - Our focus this year is to establish closer liaison with our local and state elected officials.

3 -  We continue to maintain cordial relations with Senator Scott, Senator Rubio and Congressman Posey through district-work visits and member feedback on legislative issues flagged by MOAA National.