We Support Those Who Help Us Help Others

Above is a listing of the businesses and practices that advertise in The Intercom and on our MOAACC.org website.  Please review this list to see who within our community are actively supporting our Cape Canaveral MOAA Chapter through their advertising dollars (along, of course, with the superb services they provide our membership).  CLICK HERE to become a MOAACC Sponsor/Advertiser!

Here are some of the things we can do to provide feedback to them indicating that their advertising dollars are working for them within our veteran, active duty and retiree communities:

  • When you’re shopping for services or goods, please consult this list to see who really appreciates our business;
  • When you do use these services, please let them know that you saw their advertisement in our Chapter’s newsletter or online and that you really appreciate their support of our Chapter’s mission to serve all veterans, active duty, retired and former military members and their families; and
  • If you do use a vendor not listed here ask them why they’re missing a good opportunity to show their support of the Chapter through their advertising in our Chapter’s newsletter and website.