All former, current, and retired commissioned officers and warrant officers of the Uniformed Services, and spouses are eligible to join. Officers of Allied Militaries, Serving or Retired US Government Employees in the grade of GS-8 or above, Parents of Officers eligible for membership, and adult children of Officers eligible for membership are eligible to become Associate Members of the Chapter.


Annual chapter dues are $20.00 and life memberships are available with the cost based on age. Chapter membership includes a basic membership to MOAA National if not already a member.

Membership is free for the first year for Active Duty Military and Drilling Reservists.


Legislative Advocacy

MOAA’s Cape Canaveral Chapter is an affiliate of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) and supports its aims of maintaining a strong national defense and ensuring our nation keeps its commitments to currently serving, retired and former members of the uniformed services and their families and survivors. Additionally, the chapter advocates for local military and veterans, and provides direct support and engagement community engagement, and sponsors events and social activities for our members. MOAACC is one of the largest, the most active, and most vocal of MOAA’s 400 chapters and affiliates.

MOAACC members stay engaged in the dialog affecting our military, veterans, and their families both Nationally and Locally. Members stay informed through weekly meetings, our Monthly Newsletter—The Intercom, our bi-weekly e- Newsletter--MOAAC Five Things, and through our website, and Facebook page:

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We “Never Stop Serving” and being a chapter member provides an opportunity to give back to those serving, help local veterans, and shape the future generations.

  • Outreach and Support to the Community: Speakers Bureau, Veterans Back to Class, and many more.

  • Recognition of local ROTC, JROTC, Sea Cadets, and Civil Air Patrol Members

  • MOAACC Scholarship Fund is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that recognizes exceptional students that are descendants of military members and veterans

  • The MOAACC Good Deeds Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides direct support to local military, veterans organizations and their family members, ROTC and JROTC, Sea Cadet and Civil Air Patrol in the area


MOAACC Sponsors events and activities for like-minded former, active, and retired commissioned officers and their spouses.

  • Weekly Meetings

  • Monthly Luncheons with Noted Speakers

  • Bi-Monthly Current Affairs Forum

  • Annual Dinners/Dances

  • Active Auxiliary and activities for spouses

Support To Our Members

MOAACC takes care of our members.

  • Medical and Veterans Administration Clinic Liaison

  • Outstanding Survivor Assistance Program

  • Job Search Assistance to transitioning Veterans

Membership is $20 a year (less than $1.67/month!) and free for Active Duty Military and Drilling Reservists for the first year.

Join or renew and pay on-line, or download, complete the application and mail a check made out to “MOAACC”:

Military Officers Association of America
Cape Canaveral Chapter
P.O.Box 254186
Patrick SFB, FL 32925-4186

Questions on Membership? Know of someone eligible to be a member?  Contact us at

MOAA National, the various State Councils and their affiliate chapters, including the Military Officers Association of America, Cape Canaveral (MOAACC), are all nonpartisan organizations.

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is the country's leading organization protecting the rights of military servicemembers and their families.  Go here on the website to find out more information about joining.