Veterans Back to Class/Joe Foss Institute :  It works in Brevard County  (Click Here for Details)

MOAACC and the Veterans Memorial Center (VMC) of Brevard County created a special program in 2015 in partnership with the Joe Foss Institute (JFI) in Arizona.  Four years later it has proven its value in dozens of schools on the Space Coast, including public, private and home schooling groups.   We call it Brevard Veterans Back to Class (BVBC).

  • In 2018-19, 14 veteran volunteers visited 24 schools and engaged 2890 students.
  • In 2017-18, we held programs for 19 schools (many new ones) and met with 2492 students.  (Note:  Hurricane Irma and delays in Teacher Fall work days until winter hampered our plans that year).
  • In 2016-17, our volunteers visited 19 schools including elementary, middle and high schools and talked with 6280 students.
  • In 2019-20, we plan to produce a BVBC/JFI hard copy and on line APP and limited supply booklet that will include bio and photos of all our veteran volunteers as well as options to request members support classes.
  • JFI covers costs of supporting materials and provides lesson plans as needed.  They certify volunteers and can help with scheduling in local schools.  All our volunteers are approved by BCS.
  • The Program offers links to the teachers who describe their needs for the presentations and offers at least 05 - 10 minutes each class period to the volunteer veteran to tell their story of service and how being a veteran has impacted their lives.

For More Information contact:

Donn Weaver (MOAACC and VMC Board):  321-613-2403

Dylan Dalzotto (JFI)  480-348-0316