→The Chapter's Survivor Assistance contact:   Lt. Col. CHUCK SHAW, USAF (RET)

→Survivor Assistance Comprehensive Website: https://sites.google.com/view/moaacc-sat/overview

The Chapter’s “Survivor Assistance” team provides timely assistance to the family of deceased members, spouses and Auxiliary members.    The team also helps members and their spouse/family member be prepared for the inevitable during their lifetime.  This critical service is provided by a select group of specially screened and trained volunteers within our MOAA Cape Canaveral Chapter community.   To learn more about this team, the training program and find if you’re eligible to serve please contact: Lt Col Chuck Shaw, USAF (ret) at 321-506-5778.

The death of a loved one is a very emotional and traumatic experience and the transition to life without you or your spouse is one that poses severe stress on your family during a period of heightened emotions.   It’s also a period where your family must take timely action on notifications and make some critical decisions that can affect their entitlement to their survivors’ benefits.  Sadly, it’s also a period where they may be exposed to scams and other unscrupulous actors.

The Team helps your family in the following ways:

  • We provide a list of planning steps and other helpful resources to inform and guide you in preparing your survivor should you predecease your spouse:

  • Click here to view our "Help your Survivors NOW - Survivor Planning Tips for Retired and Former Military Officers and their Families" briefing.

  • We maintain a "Key Planning Documents, Paperwork & Actions Checklist" of key documents and paperwork to assemble and maintain in an accessible safe place for your survivor, as well as financial and personal affairs considerations and potential preparations to consider beforehand. Click here to open.

  • Click here for access to an extensive list of links to the supporting materials for the briefing for more details than are contained just in the briefing charts.

We maintain a record of the deaths of all members, spouses and Auxiliary members.  A report is provided at the weekly Thursday Morning Breakfast meeting, in our monthly newsletter (The Intercom) and the annual report to the Florida Council of Chapters so that other Chapter members are aware of your family’s loss and to provide proper recognition of your passing.

If requested, we will work closely with and assist a surviving spouse or surviving family member in addressing things such as:

  • Actions that must be done immediately following the death of a member (Reporting of the death to the Veteran’s Service Branch, the VA, etc.)

  • Things a surviving spouse or family member should address as soon as possible once the death certificate is received, such as:

    • Filling out military benefit forms and assuring that the forms get to the proper agency (such as DFAS, OPM, VA, etc.)
    • Coordinating with County Government offices such as points
    • the Property Appraisal Office, Tax Collectors Office, and the County Clerk of Court.

We also provide lists of useful information:

  • Links to the required forms to file for survivors' benefits

  • A contact info  list ( telephone numbers and of contact) for all agencies involved in ensuring the continuation of benefits to your survivor

  • A Quick Links list to access key benefits information.

We have a Chaplain team member who is available as needed.

Those are the major services that the Team provides your family on your passing.  What you can do for your family -- working with them -- is:  plan ahead now!   You can also contribute your ideas on how this initiative can be improved and also offer your services to the MOAACC Community.