The Distinguished Service Award is the most prestigious honor for service to the Cape Canaveral Chapter. Conferred no more than once a year in recognition of major contributions towards the goals and objectives of the Chapter and accomplished through long and distinguished service in positions of great responsibility that require diligence and exemplary leadership.

Year Awardee Service
2023 COL Steve Bond USA
2022 Mrs. Mary McIntyre SPOUSE MEMBER
2021 COL Michael J Schroeder USA
2020 CWO4 Dan McIntyre USCG
2019 COL Jerry Gill USA
2018 LTC Steven Turner USA
2017 CPT Donn Weaver USA
2016 COL Jeffrey C. Rogers USA
2015 Mrs Ruth M. Oblack SPOUSE MEMBER
2014 Maj Joseph J. Oblack USAF
2013 CAPT Ernest Joy II USN
2012 Col William W. Brandon II USAF
2011 Mrs. Roslyn Bates AUX
2010 CW4 Robert John USAR
2009 LTC Sylvester Merritt USA
2008 LT William Keeney USN
2007 Col John Beeson USAF
2006 LTC Frank Dunagan USA
2005 CDR Edwin Metcalf USN
2004 BG Gordon P. Masterson USAF
2003 MG Robert G. Lynn USA
2002 CDR Gordon R. Prentice USN
2001 MAJ Andrew G. Folley USA
2000 MG Maurice Kendall USA
1999 LTG Robert C. McAlister USA
1998 CAPT Fred C. Leiser USNR
1997 MG John R. D. Cleland USA
1996 BG William E. Hall USA
1995 COL Lawrence Eskell USMC
1994 LTC Arunah A. Strassberger USA
1993 MAJ Ray Garner USA
1992 CDR Herbert J. Jenne USNR
1991 CDR Paul Allen USNR
1990 CAPT Charles Baldwin USN